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$10/Visit for Urgent Care and Primary Care

Flu, Cough, Sore Throat
Fever, Earache, Pneumonia
Bladder & Kidney Infection
Cuts, Sprains, Broken Bones
Casting, Splinting, Shots, IV
Breathing Treatment, X-ray
Diabetes, Asthma, Allergy
Hypertension, High Lipids
Physicals, Screening
Annual Examination

One person - $45/mo
Two people
- $35/mo/person
Three people and more
- $25/mo/person
Family cap -- $100/mo
Enrollment fee -- $20
$10/visit, All - Inclusive

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7 days / week, 363 days / year

Visit us and Use Your Health Insurance
for Urgent Care & Primary Care Services 7 days/wk, 363 days/yr

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Read comments from our Members
  • "We have been members for years & have loved After Hours Medical! They helped us so much at a time that we did not have any medical coverage. Extremely easy to get into & several clinic locations. Physicians & nurses are well trained, knowledgeable & very caring & personable. We have established long lasting physician - relationships with Sean Collins & Matt Cobb. Have received many years of excellent medical care. I am personally very grateful to Matt Cobb for getting to the bottom of a long-term illness." Julie T.
    Salt Lake City
  • "I tried to get insurance for my family, but the rates were sky-high. Plus, several of our children have pre-existing conditions and were denied coverage. Then we discovered After Hours membership. With nine kids, I often have someone who has a cough or ear infection. I used to wait and see if problems would clear up on their own, but now I get everything taken care of right away. I’ve saved a lot of money with After Hours, and my family is a lot healthier." – Robyn S., South Weber
  • "Offering [Medallus Medical] Membership program to our employees has kept our workers healthy and on the job. Absenteeism is definitely reduced. Since the medical clinics are open on weekends and in the evenings, our employees don’t have to take time off to see a doctor."– Allea M., Herriman
  • "I don’t have insurance. Without [Medallus Medical] Membership program, I would be just trying to ignore or endure my illnesses and injuries. Through the membership plan, I get everything I need to feel better, handled quickly and professionally." - Chris B., Cottonwood Heights
  • "Most employees here have high deductible health plans to save money on their premium, but almost no one reaches the deductible. So the membership plan is perfect just in case something unexpected and expensive happens." - Andrew S., Saratoga Springs
  • "Our company offers our employees a high deductible health plan for hospitalizations and emergencies, plus [Medallus Medical] Membership program for everything else. This combination helps us attract and retain workers, keep them healthy, and give them peace of mind – not to mention, saving a lot of money each time they need to go to the doctor." - Jeff S., Draper
  • "After dropping a 110 pound piece of granite on my foot, I remembered my membership with [Medallus Medical]. Within minutes of arriving, they had x-rayed, diagnosed, and referred me to a podiatrist. [Medallus Medical] was the ray of sunshine I needed in a traumatic experience. They were professional, efficient, and caring, and the value could not be beat. Thank you, [Medallus] Medical! My family and I appreciate your innovative membership model that fits the needs of families like ours in these tough economic times." - Adam A., Sandy, Utah
  • "The [Medallus Medical] Membership program has been a godsend for many of our employees. Recently a woman here visited and received very professional care, including x-rays and oxygen treatment. When she returned to work she was absolutely bubbling about how nicely she was treated and how beautiful the [Medallus Medical] clinic is." - Rick L., Salt Lake City
  • "I have been deliriously happy with the membership plan! Recently I have had a long-term illness. Dr. Lewis has supported me throughout the process with professional care and reminders about when I should stop back in. I couldn’t be more pleased." – Joan C., Draper
Frequent Questions and Answers
What is Medallus Medical Membership?
  • This is not a health insurance plan. It is a program that allows its members to receive discounted medical care at any of 9 Medallus Medical clinics ( for a global fee of $10 per visit. The program has been in operation for 5 years. It was designed by Dr. Rachot Vacharothone to help solve the problem of sick patients hesitating to seek help early due to not having insurance or having high copays and high deductibles.
Why become a member?
  • Americans are facing deteriorating health and higher medical bills as the result of the recent changes in our country. Joining Medallus Medical Membership is one way to greatly alleviate such problem. As a Member and for only $10/visit, you likely would not hesitate to seek proper care right away in order to get well when you are sick. Likewise, your chronic health problems can be maintained right away due to such less out-of-pocket costs. When you stay healthy as our Member, your health insurance will be more appropriately used or reserved for unforeseen major medical needs.
What are the Membership fees?
  • • $45/month for one person
  • • $35/month/person for 2 people
  • • $25/month/person for 3 or more in a family or in a business
  • • $100/month family cap
  • • $20 registration fee
  • • Annual contract
  • • $10/visit with most in-clinic procedures included
What are Membership benefits?
  • • Urgent Care and Primary Care medicine
  • • 24-hour TeleMedicine at no charge
  • • Unlimited visits as long as necessary
  • • Most in-clinic procedures included
  • • Discounted blood tests
  • • 9 convenient clinics along the Wasatch Front (Medallus Medical clinics only)
Who would benefit the most?
  • People with no insurance –- Because 90% of medical needs are urgent care and primary care that our clinics can take care of. Many cannot afford a health insurance, so we price our Membership program to make at least basic medical care affordable.
  • Insured with high deductible health insurance plans –- Why use your insurance to visit a doctor and pay over $100 for each visit when you can have unlimited visits for $10 as a Member, including laceration repair or treatment of life-threatening pneumonia?
  • Insured with health plans that we are not provider for -- If you have a health insurance plan that would not pay for your visits to our clinics, you can now come to our clinics under this membership program, especially if your plan has high deductible. Visit to determine if your health plan is on our list or not.
How does the program reduce out-of-pocket costs?
  • As a Member, we would not bill your health insurance and your visit remains only $10. Otherwise billing your health insurance, as a non-Member, may result in a balance of the entire visit, depending or the situation of the deductible of your health plan. See this table for further understanding.
How can the program help reduce insurance premiums?
  • Most people think they need $1,000 or $2,000 deductible insurance plan to still get “good coverage”. The reality is that you likely would not reach that deductible in a year, which means you are “throwing away” your premium money at higher price. It may be better for some people to switch to a higher deductible plan and pay less. Use the health plan for unexpected major medical needs only. Apply a portion of the premium savings to become a Member and visit our clinics frequently for $10 to stay health – further reducing chances of major medical needs. See this table for further understanding.
How do I sign up as a Member?
  • • Visit the nearest clinic, get a tour, and sign up in person
  • Click here to sign up on line
  • • Call Tammy at 1-877-MED-9110 to sign up or for further questions

9 Convenient Locations

American Fork

9 AM – 8 PM


8 AM – 8 PM


9 AM – 7 PM


9 AM – 7 PM


9 AM – 9 PM

South Jordan

9 AM – 8 PM

West Valley

9 AM – 10 PM

South Bangerter

9 AM – 8 PM

Thanksgiving Point

9am-5pm, Mon-Fri